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Winter storage of boats

It no longer needs to be proven that wintering a boat dry is no longer an option but the best solution to keep your boat in good condition and allow for regular maintenance.


In Carantec or Roscoff

Can't get your boat out of the water or don't want to put your trailer in the water? You don't know where to store your boat when you're not using it for a long period of time? You don't have time to bring your boat to the mooring site in front of the shipyard? We take care of it for you!

Contact us so we can establish a quote adapted to your boat and your needs!


Every year after the navigation season , we welcome your boat to our shipyards in Carantec or Roscoff for winter storage. Sailboats and/or motorboats will find their place indoors or outdoors in a large capacity storage space of more than 6000 m2 .

Wintering on land allows the hull to dry well for several months. This also helps to protect the hull structure from marine microorganisms and osmosis blisters that may eventually appear on the hull in the event of prolonged contact with seawater, and to prevent corrosion. and electrolysis.

Dry storage of your boat also protects it from winter storms that can break moorings and damage it.

Sheltered in our sheds, or simply dry on our platforms, your boat remains out of the water all winter and the low season, propped up on a trailer, holds or cradles, or put in a rack.

We also offer “cocooning” of your boat which consists of wrapping it entirely in shrink plastic film protecting it from dust and bad weather for several months.


Our location on the edge of the main strike at Carantec , or on the port of Roscoff allows us to handle your boat leaving the water or launching it in complete safety. We have handling equipment suitable for landing and/or launching your boats in our shipyards in Carantec and Roscoff.

Our launching or ashore trolley also allows us to lift your boat to carry out the fairing, repair or inspection of your hull.

Thanks to our specifically equipped forklift, we dismast and/or mat your sailboat if necessary.

At your request, we will transport your boat between shipyards or to your mooring if you are not available.

Finally, different lifting means allow us to remove and move outboard or in-board engines for installation, removal, wintering or engine maintenance .

Free access to your boat

During this entire winter storage period, you have free access to your boat on the dock in Roscoff at the port of Bloscon, or at Carantec to come and store, clean and tinker even outside the site's opening hours thanks to a code at entry.

Stockage hangar Carantec ©Chantier Naval Carantec
Hivernage, cocooning légende photo Hivernage, cocooning ©CNCR
Hivernage, cocooning Légende photo ?? hivernage, cocooning ©Chantier Naval Carantec
Hivernage, terre plein