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Mechanical engines

For motorboats and sailboats, engine maintenance and upkeep is essential to ensure safety and enjoyment. As soon as it comes out of the water, the engine will be rinsed and checked, then winterized to be ready for restarting next season!


Whether it is the annual maintenance of your boat's engine recommended by the manufacturer, or more serious maintenance involving the removal of the engine, or a complete re-engine, the Chantier Naval mechanical team is at your service. arrangement.


It is strongly recommended to carry out engine maintenance once a year or every 100 hours by manufacturers to guarantee its durability and avoid unpleasant surprises at sea.

Respecting these periodic maintenance dates is essential to ensure that the equipment is in good working order and to guarantee the safety of the crew.

In addition to the visual inspection and engine flushing, this overhaul must include: draining, filter changes if necessary, replacement of consumables if necessary (belt, turbine, hoses, etc.), as well as checking a set of control operations to be carried out.

Let's not forget that the number of operating hours is a parameter but not the only one, an engine that does not run also needs to be serviced.

Diagnosis and repair

Your engine is showing some malfunctions, or emits a particular noise, or is not running smoothly…. Tell us the symptoms encountered and our mechanics will provide their expertise and carry out a diagnosis to offer you the best repair solution.

It is sometimes difficult to establish this diagnosis without dismantling it to observe the engine and therefore establishing a precise estimate.

The repair, when it involves a heavy operation, may also require removing the engine and therefore involves removing the boat from the water. The Shipyard has the infrastructure, equipment, approvals and teams to ensure these operations.

Outboard or inboard installation

You are considering changing the engine of your boat. We can advise you and carry out the change at our site.

An engine change adds value to your boat. The installation of a more recent or even more powerful model must be considered.

Changing the engine is therefore a fairly frequent operation, but it is never trivial.

It is very rare to be able to simply install a new engine in place of the old one without involving additional work which will modernize the ship as a whole: consolidate the frame which houses the propulsion system, change the electrical part (cables, battery ).

In certain cases, the installation is simpler of course, but must generate some points of attention such as the adaptation of the weight-power ratio between the new engine and the boat, the attachment system, etc.

Our technicians will guide you in your choices to ensure the choice best suited to your boat.

Engine troubleshooting

We can intervene urgently on your boat to resolve a blocking problem depending on our availability and schedule.

A mechanic will come and check on site, make a diagnosis and, with your agreement, carry out the repair allowing you to sail again. These operations can take a few hours or a few days depending on the breakdown and the work to be done.

Sale of new engines

We distribute a range of outboard motors from 2 to over 250 hp as well as a wide choice of inboard diesels.

We master new technologies and guarantee careful, quality work for the installation of your engine.

We present the ranges of TOHATSU - YANMAR - VOLVO - SOLE marine engines and can on request provide you with other types and/or brands of engines.

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