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Electronic Electricity

Marine electronics allow you to navigate in complete safety and provide the pilot with all the information on board! VHF, GPS, AIS receivers and transmitters, probes, radars, weather vanes... whatever your needs, we advise you on the electrical and electronic equipment to take on board.


In short, you would like to be advised in the purchase of your electronic equipment , you are hesitant to change the electrical equipment of your boat , you cannot install these systems, contact us!

Electronic equipment sales

The speedometer log gives the speed, the sounder indicates the depth, the anemometer gives the wind strength and direction, the VHF communicates, the GPS positions you, the radar visualizes the dangers, the AIS signals other boats... Reunited on one or more screens, the on-board electronics enter into the security devices by securing navigation.

This is why the choice of such equipment must be studied and requires consideration based on your navigation program .

After having carried out an assessment of your needs, we will offer you installations from the simplest to the most advanced with the biggest brands Garmin, Raymarine, Navico, Lowrance…

Electronic equipment installation/maintenance

Technologies in terms of electrical and especially electronic equipment are evolving very quickly. The installation of such equipment cannot be improvised. This is why it is better to call on specialists in marine electronics for the wiring and power supply of nautical equipment on your boat , sailboat or motorboat.

And if you have a multitude of electrical and electronic systems on board, it is obviously appropriate to maintain and overhaul this equipment.

Also, the installation carried out by us guarantees the safety of the electrical connections and the longevity of the devices, compliance with wire sealing procedures, the tinning of connections and sockets , the passage of wires in order to protect them from bad weather.

So, at the construction site or at the pontoon, we ensure the installation and maintenance of all your electrical and electronic devices : GPS, sounders, fixed & portable VHF, antennas, handsets, lights, etc.

In the event of a breakdown or malfunction of your electronic devices , our technicians will carry out a diagnosis and provide you with a response tailored to your problem.

Other electronic equipment

We have talked about devices indicating to the pilot all the data on board, but we must not forget the installations that make maneuvering and/or life on board your boat easier.

Thus, more and more of you wish to add equipment such as windlasses, bow thrusters, electric winches, water heaters, solar panels, wind turbines, pilots, etc. in your boat to make your navigation more pleasant and improve your comfort on board.