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Maintenance refit

Your boat needs to be maintained to maintain good working condition and preserve its aesthetics. It is therefore often during the winter period and until spring that you need to pamper your boat to allow it to return to sea the following season in great shape!


For a boat ready to sail in spring!

From hull fairing, to cleaning the deck, to checking that the instruments are working properly, to replacing damaged wood, or to touching up the gelcoat... the list is still long and not exhaustive. Contact us so we can establish a quote adapted to your boat and your needs!


To properly winterize your boat, it is necessary to wash your boat to remove the very corrosive salt from your entire boat (hull, deck, accessories, rigging, etc.), and to rinse the varnished wooden parts with water. clear or clean the yellowed or rusty parts of the gelcoat with specific products adapted to the materials of your boat.


Every year, a refit must be considered, that is to say cleaning the submerged parts of the hull, otherwise called living works, to restore their clean and smooth appearance by eliminating algae, molluscs and shellfish installed on the surface. hull which slows down your boat and damages the hull.

This operation must be carried out in a suitable area in order to collect and treat the water and polluting waste from the remains of antifouling. It is completely forbidden to do so on the shore or any place other than in ports or construction sites.

Depending on the condition of your hull, using a high pressure cleaner, then a scraper for more difficult areas, will prepare the hull to receive antifouling.


If your hull has not been maintained regularly, airblasting – that is to say, projecting high-pressure fine sand onto the hull to strip the different layers of antifouling accumulated over the years – will refurbish your hull. boat for a new antifouling treatment.


Once properly prepared, the antifouling can be applied with a roller to the hull. Antifouling must be chosen according to the navigation location, your navigation program and the material of your hull to obtain an optimum result, namely preserving the lifespan of your hull and maintaining efficient navigation.

Paint or varnish

Taking care of your boat also means repainting or varnishing regularly which tarnishes or cracks over the years under the action of the sun and bad weather, both for the aesthetic side and for the protection of the hull and of the bridge.

Careful preparation must be carried out beforehand: cleaning, dismantling of the fittings or masking of elements not to be painted, repairing damaged, scratched or holed areas, and sanding to make the surface to be painted perfectly smooth.

Depending on the material, we will carry out different stages of applying primer and paint or varnish to obtain an impeccable finish and optimum protection for your boat.

Replacement of damaged materials

Your boat is subject to the attacks of time and parts or pieces become damaged and must be changed or repaired.

Our mastery of marine carpentry and stratification allows us to offer you all renovation or repair work on the hull and your boat in general (layout of the deck, interior, etc.) for original restoration.

Réparation bateau bois
Réparation bateau bois
Entretien, sablage
Refit vaigrage
Refit, vaigrage 1